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JA Curia III Charleston WV Attorney



J.A. Curia III Attorney

With over 15 years of legal experience that includes working for courts, firms, companies and individuals, J.A. has handled a wide variety of employment, personal injury and criminal matters in federal and state courts.

J.A. has worked alongside of extremely talented attorneys throughout his career. He started as a federal district law clerk to the Honorable John T. Copenhaver, Jr., where he learned under one of the most respected jurists in our state’s storied history. He next joined the law firm of Steptoe & Johnson, the largest law firm in the State of West Virginia, where he was mentored by extremely talented lawyers (including individuals who would later become state and federal judges) in the firm’s litigation and employment departments.

J.A. later joined a Fortune 500 chemical company, which gave him insights into corporate America. An accomplished solo practitioner then gave him an opportunity to gain significant in-courtroom experience with her firm.

Given this diverse experience, his clients range in age from infants to the elderly and J.A. has obtained favorable results for:

  • Injured individuals
  • Individuals that were unlawfully terminated
  • Individuals facing criminal prosecution

When not practicing law, J.A. enjoys time with his family and competitive sports.

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